Thank you, Dr. Kazmir, for your excellent review of the status and the political machinations of the Republican Party. It's a good demonstration of the old but incredibly cogent philosophical observation that "Power Corrupts - Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". [Lord Byron]

Furthermore, and more significantly, we all need to recognize the underlying truth in that statement. The term "corrupt" -- Corruption -- is more than a slap in the face for a political party that has engaged in unsavory, and manipulative, behaviors over the course of it's tenure in Congress -- particularly in this administration.

Corruption has a useful corollary. Corruption is what happens when a living being dies... when a human body is buried in the ground, and it begins to dissolve - leaving nothing but the bones over time. Furthermore, corruption stinks. Oh yes, it stinks, and mightily - until it disappears.

I think we can all see the cogency -- the relevance -- of this corollary to our political activities.

Whether by fortune, or by happenstance, our Republican Party has grown old and tired, and it has held onto power for quite a long time. It has begun to stink from it's on hubris and it's obsession with power and control. Republican Party leaders assume that it is their right to make decisions that affect all the rest of us Americans, regardless of our class, our caste, our color or our creeds. And that has led to our anger, our social unrest, our rising levels of violence and destruction of property, and even our physical health.

Just what do you think was the root cause of the rise of the Aides Pandemic? You think that was the result of inadequate medical responses to a virus in the blood? Has it not occurred to you that the anger in the blood, when it rises to the boiling point, can produce antigens that cause cells to rebel.. to mutate into forms that can cause damage to the entire biological matrix of a living being?

We Americans have been ticked off to the point of eating dirt and spitting at one another for awhile now.

It's time, dear friends, to recognize when an organized political movement has outlived it's usefulness. It's time, when a national leader that we were careless enough to place in our White House, that we clean out the moral corruption there... (and yes, We Did).

But it's even more important now that we reformulate our Parties -- they need refreshing, they need relevancy, they need to be given a list of significant and vital roles and objectives that are based on the solid values of our long history of experience as a morally relevant and meaningful nation.

We Absolutely Need to Organize and Engage in a Constitutional Convention -- where we can Rewrite our Constitution in relevant, Contemporary, terms - and we need to Retire the Party of Lincoln (who has been dead a long time) and rewrite the structure and the GOALS of our Two Major Parties... and give them both new names.

The Ancient Romans, and other ancient tribes, placed great store in the power of a Name. Our Christian Bible (and I suspect that the Muslim Koran also) .. and our Native American Tribes all place great value in the choice of the right Name for things.. Names for Tribes, Names for peoples, Names for Natural Events and Human Endeavors.

It is Time to Choose a New Name for our political parties, and new values to match, and it is High Time we review, and rewrite our Constitution!

That is what is needed to remove the corruption in our American Political System now.

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