Thank you for sharing your perspective, Mr. Remo. "Damning with faint praise" -- and well articulated, despite the acerbic content.

You are obviously calling for a social revolution. A great many of us are becoming fearful about the failure of our constitutional mandate, and with good reason. Donald Trump is the first fully developed fascist authoritarian America has made the egregious error to vote into the presidency.

You are not alone. All of America is standing with you. The Republican Party is bearing down on us all, with the intent of maintaining their total authoritarian control over us all. That is the end of our democratic union. We can't let them do that to us. We really must vote, and not for Donald Trump.

And then we must hold a Constitutional Convention, and rewrite our 200 year old Constitution so that it reflects the needs of all of us Americans, and not just the Top Five Percent, or just one ethnic group - all our ethnic groups, and our demographic variety - our youth and our elderly, and our disenfranchised. All of us. And we cannot do this in a peak of rage, Mr. Remo!

Donald Trump is aided and abetted by a political party that is corrupt, and which serves the interests of the top 1% of our population. I don't want to be witness to the flaming overthrow of our democratic union, but it could happen, and the thought is terrifying.

When the president lies to the people on a daily basis, and then calls for the police forces to put down anyone who objects to his leadership initiatives, that is the definition of a "police state" -- a fascist coup. If we are to save our democracy, we must remove Trump from office in November, and we must also remove his enablers - The Republican Party, and Mitch McConnell, who is both devious and dishonest.

It's obvious you are carrying a great deal of rage. Your objections to the capitalist economic system have merit -- it has outgrown its usefulness, and we are all locked in a treadmill of consumption and destruction of our environment and our social welfare.

I object to your negative commentary on Joe Biden, however. I have spent time learning about him, as you have, but my perspective isn't colored by indignation or frustration. I have not been a member of the middle or upper-middle class over the course of my life, but I believe there are decent, and honorable people in the world. I believe Joe Biden is an honorable person, a decent person, and he has courage -- by virtue of his taking up the gauntlet in this most trying time -- to confront a president who is unfit to serve as our leader.

In order to rid ourselves of the dictator who is posing as a conservative Republican in our Congress, we all have to vote, as you say. Unfortunately, it is not likely that a person of color will be selected for that role (or, in my case, a woman either) - in this election. But it can become a reasonable possibility if we, the people, can recover control of our leadership and our government. And more importantly, if we rewrite our Constitution to rectify what we have lost as a people and a nation.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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