Thank you for your clear thinking, your efforts to tell the truth about the political situation, and for clearing up some of the fog that covers all the political horse-trading -- all for the sake of holding onto the power of the State... even though that power is destroying the nation's political status in the world and allowing a pitiless, immoral and dishonest president, who lacks the political savvy and the understanding of world politics -- and cannot force himself to tell the truth unless someone holds a gun to his head -- to continue attempting to overturn the most recent election. Even though we all know that he will do worse in the 2022 election. He is trying desperately to turn our Constitutional Democracy into a Third World Country Dictatorship!

Ultimately, what will probably come of all this is the demise ... At Long Last ... of the Party of Lincoln.

Let's face it, Eric,

Donald Trump is NO Abraham Lincoln! He doesn't have the moral fiber, or the leadership skills to manage a MacDonald's Restaurant! He just wants to use the job he got strolled into by the Party to make as much money as he can, to save himself when he's forced to get out of Washington Politics... so he can pay off all those lawsuits that are already waiting for him!

Right now, the Republican Party is engaging in the biggest political Smear Campaign against Joe Biden they can dream up. All their "newsy" commentaries are filled with slurs and slams against our new President. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is left with a cesspool of dishonest, self-serving, politically corrupt and useless destruction throughout the country, and Joe Biden has to suffer with cleaning it up--before the rest of the world laughs America off the Planet. Right now they are all waiting with baited breathe to see if Joe can clean the cesspool out of the White House and straighten America up. I feel such sorrow and pain for Joe Biden. He is a GOOD MAN, and he knows what he is doing! And he certainly does NOT DESERVE the horrid pool of corruption that he got when he was elected.

Joe Biden is intelligent, has good moral fiber, loves his people and his family, and he desperately wants to save America from itself, and from Donald Trump.

I hope and pray that Joe will get the help he needs to deal with this mess. I think Donald Trump should be thrown in jail for the remainder of his days, and whatever he has left after his creditors are finished viscerating him should be returned to the American People and our Federal Treasury!

Sigh.. God Bless Joe Biden and what's left of our honest, law-abiding, patriotic citizens who are trying to help him survive his first year in the Hell that Donald Trump has left for him. It's reprehensible -- and it's certainly unforgivable. There's a place waiting for Donald Trump when he lays down his sword and goes to meet his maker. I don't think he'll like it there.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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