Thank you for your response to my comments, Catherine. I find it interesting that you feel we Democrats seem not to take anything seriously (for fear of looking confrontational). In fact, we are Deadly Serious about removing our ineffective, and mentally crippled, president from office the first week of November. You can count on that, and I'd take a cash bet on it! But here again, we must wait until November 3rd. It's the proper thing to do--the Civil Solution to an uncivil man. And it is the Rule of Law here in the USA.

Starting a Saturday Morning Revolution to throw the Bum Out of the White House will only get the perpetrators a free vacation in the Jail we'd like to see our resident Despot in. Nope, can't do it that way. Gotta follow the rules.

Yes, "Good Politics" is Definitely - Knowing When to Act - When to be Confrontational--but it's not essentially "disruptive". It's Civil, it's Orderly, and it's Definitive--and the Results are, therefore, indisputable.

My best wishes to you.... BIDEN IN 2021! Pass It On!!!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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