Thank you for your thoughtful and careful assessment of all the things that you don't approve of in our American Society. The very essence of "Freedom of Speech" is the ability to speak truth to injustice and to prejudice -- everyone is prejudiced about something, about someone. Everyone has sore a sore heart over some injustice or unfair treatment. Anyone who has suffered in poverty has a life filled with miserable, disappointing and hateful experiences caused by the fact that they are not able to dress and look like those who have attained material wealth. And they are in the majority here. Only a few of us are truly wealthy - less than 10 percent. All the rest of us are struggling -- half of us are struggling greatly!

If you are a Christian (as I am a Catholic) then you should know this about Jesus.

Jesus was a Nazarene - he was born in Nazareth, and lived later in Jerusalem in Judea at the time the Romans (today they are simply Italians) were taking over the region. The Romans had NO respect for any Jew or any other race in the region, of which there were many. They oppressed, tortured, crucified, and burned many. Jesus was a Hebrew - he spoke the language of Aramaic. Jesus was NOT a White Man! He was NOT a Roman! His skin was brown from the sun, and olive from his Aramaic ethnic heritage. He was as much a minority as many, many of us are today. And he gave comfort first to his own disciples - because they were oppressed, and they were injured, beat upon by the Roman soldiers and speared or cut with their knives.. Jesus gave comfort to His people because they were all be egregiously oppressed, and murdered by the Romans. That is the truth about the ministry of Jesus. And for his ministrations, the Romans crucified him as well -- they saw him as an insurgent, a trouble maker trying to stir up the people to rebel against their oppression.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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