Thank you for your thoughtful assessment of our Con-Man in the White House, Eric. God knows, and so do the large majority of us Americans, that he is a total fake leader. I think the only reason Trump ran for office was because he was desperate for some means to get hold of a large amount of cash to shore up his failing business experiments. He claims that he has foregone his presidential salary (such a benefactor (not)) … but I have no way of knowing if he actually has done that. He needs money ... he's not getting it from his casinos... Maybe he's selling off some property in the north of England?

In any case, I don't believe he wants to relinquish his job as president, but he may be concerned that we've all figured out he doesn't know how to manage our government, and he may be forced out in November.

I certainly hope that we Americans force Donald Trump out of office in November.... but if we do, we'd better be ready to confiscate whatever he tries to steal from the White House... and/or extort from Congress by virtue of his Executive Orders... or whatever!

The man scares me badly. He's an incipient dictator who can emerge full-blown in the wake of a failed election run.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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