Thank you for your thoughtful observations on John Bolton, and your warning regarding his trustworthiness. However, I am reminded of what the anonymous author of “A Warning” had to say about the president, which was not an accolade for the president. So, in many respects, your assertions about John Bolton — particularly in light of the fact that he IS saving the “juiciest bits” of what he knows for the launch of his new book on the subject of the President and the president’s corruption — is much like the anonymous comments that I received personally, right after the launch of “A Warning”. I think it is important for us all to realize one important facet of these kinds of communications — they all provide a commentary about the President and his Administration that is NOT favorable to him, NOT favorable to the re-election of this Authoritarian that We the People made the dire mistake of electing. We were, however, deluded by the Republican Party, deluded by propagandist diatribe posted in our Free Press, and then repeatedly lied to by our President to shore up his shakey standing. It has become very hard to see the truth amid all the lies. SO, if we have a Truth Teller among us who is sticking his neck out to tell us what’s really happening to our democracy (it’s floating down a polluted river to the sea we’ve so conveniently poisoned with effluents from our factories)(the manufacturing sector has a vested interest in keeping our corrupt president in power, I might add) — I believe we have a vested interest in hearing all sides of the argument regarding the worthiness of this president to retain his position — his JOB — as the administrative leader of our nation. So, begging your pardon here, but it is my assertion that, just maybe, John Bolton has a right and even, perhaps, a noble purpose, for having his say about Donald Trump and his most troublesome administration. *Even though Mr. Bolton shares certain traits like a wild jackass in America’s “china shop”…the truth, in whatever form it takes, is seldom welcomed with open arms, or applauded by those who are not favored by the blessing of It’s Truth.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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