Thank you for your thoughtful piece here. I’ve been in the same frame of mind about my relationship with God for a long time. I’ve tried at different times to renew my affiliation with the Catholic Church, and occasionally other religious affiliations, but I seldom felt that I was “settling in” or “belonging”.

Ultimately, I’ve come to feel that I get the greatest sense of true worship by participating in a Catholic Mass, because I can sense the presence of the Holy Spirit during the mass, the downpouring of Spirit when the priest goes through the ritual of the Holy Communion.

But on a daily basis I get the greatest sense of connection to the Holy Spirit by speaking with Him in prayer, in my home at night, or in the early morning. I don’t put God on a “schedule”… I think prayer is appropriate at any time when one feels the desire or the need to pray. Just before I go to sleep seems most appropriate usually…sometimes it leads into dreams that have meaning for me. Humility and faith are important to me also.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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