Thank you for your thoughtful piece on Christian clichés, along with some clarification on the presumptions they make. I believe Christians sometimes adopt a social stance that communicates their commitment to recruiting new members to their church. Unfortunately, a lot of us in these times are falling away from our religious organizations. It’s becoming harder each day to find someone who is willing to consider adopting the Christian faith — or for that matter, any branch of religious belief system.

As the pop rock band “The Eagles” suggest in their song, “A Long Road Out of Eden”, we are, indeed, over 2,000 years along the road outside of Eden. I am a Catholic and a Christian, but there are certainly times when I am witness to the horrors of war and the mistreatment of not just humans but also the wildlife in our forests, the pollution of our seas and our air, and the profligate waste of our natural resources, to say nothing of the way we mistreat our house pets and our children, and the spouse we’re married to. The news on our TVs everyday bear witness to our profligate abuse of our peoples and our environments. So we are certainly not often worthy of the privilege of teaching the spiritual truths — or reminding someone of the example that Jesus (or the saints, or the Buddha, or Mohammed) would have set for us.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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