Thank you, Glen Hendrix, for an exceedingly well written expose on the flaws that have led to the miseries so many of us -- those of us who are not millionaires by virtue of our inheritance from our millionaire parents or grandparents.

Your review of the history of how the greater majority of us have been consigned to the bottom of the heap with no jobs or lousy, low-paying jobs is thought provoking. Even the safety valve of our Social Services has been bashed and broken because of it, and so there are increasing numbers of us sitting on the streets, with no money and no food, and thus no hope of survival.

Your story provides much needed clarification into the plight of the Average American - and thus the vital need for a change in the way we do business. More importantly, we should all know by know that we need a new political system--a new President who is not an ignorant, nor arrogant Merchant Class nobleman with a cheesy need for adulation and attention.

Time for a New Way of Running the Economy! Our "golden age of capitalism has become a cheesy idol made of brass. We need to embrace the values of a society that cherishes compassion and restoration of what is really valuable in human lives--healthy homelife, concern for the preservation of our environments, and fair treatment of others in our commercial activities and in our personal lives. And a recognition of the value of Truth in all our dealings, political and commercial, and personal.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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