Thank you, Mike, for your well written, and bravely articulated revelation of the truth that bears down on us. It must surely be painful to carry the burden of revelation — I recall when I read the revelations of Nostradamus from back in the dark ages. (I can’t recall the years he was speaking to, but during the dawn of industrialization — actually a bit earlier than that — but in any case….

I’ve had the sense for quite some time that America is following in the footsteps of Rome. When Rome collapsed, there was a barbarian revolution that overran the country, and there was immense destruction and death. The death of a nation, especially when it is the most powerful and the richest nation, usually leads to immense destruction and death.

Human beings are, after all, descended from a particularly aggressive and arrogant species of apes. Not all species on the planet are sprung from the same aggressive genome, but humans certainly are. I am frightened just thinking about what is before us. However, ever since Donald Trump was chosen to lead us, I’ve been frightened and sad. I knew that he would do precisely what he did — plunder the National Treasury and wreak havoc on our peoples, and our lands.

I hope somebody is writing down what is happening here. We need a historical record of the Fall of (Rome) America. But more than that, humanity needs to learn that preying upon all the other living species, and upon one another is not the way to advance the human species such that we can eventually “inherit the stars”. We will never be fit to leap into the wild unknown of Deep Space unless we can first lay aside our penchant for committing murder and mayhem — all in the name of personal profit and aggrandizement.

Perhaps the next species to rise and take possession of our Mother Earth will be more inclined to preserving the life of the planet, and thus one another. Maybe the next breed of civilized beings here will rise from a more peaceful, and less hostile genome.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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