Thank you Mr. Medlin. Your observations are "spot on" where Mr. Trump is concerned. I believe the reason he lacks the initiative to rise to the challenges of his role as president is that he did not enter the presidency with any strongly held initiatives, nor any deeply held convictions that he was willing to defend until he achieved success.

Donald Trump decided to become President because he wanted to wear the title--he wanted to become "King for a Day" -- or as it were, a term of 4 years. He also thinks that he is a fabulous gentleman -- he was, in his youth, a handsome fellow, was he not? But he is living in a dream. Donald Trump is a "Legend in his own mind."

He got the post as our president and he feels that is enough--he thinks a President is an alternative title to the title of Regent or King. He thinks a King shouldn't have to break a sweat in the effort to deal with the problems of his "kingdom".... he should be able to simply "point his finger" and send his minions running to pick up the debris, shoo the peasants out of the throne room.

They should likewise entertain his Queen when she's bored or lonely, and take his insufferable "brats" out for a ride around town and a hamburger with fries--and give him some peace, so he can go prop his feet up in front of the television and watch a movie, or raid the kitchen larder and then take a nap, or spend a few hours on the golf links with a buddy or two.

That is Donald Trump's idea of what should be the privileges and the routines of his day as president (or more aptly, "King for a day," or a year, or 4 years, anyway.)

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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