Thank you, Mr. Wineberg, for sharing your assessment of Christian evanglicals. I was raised a Catholic, and still feel that I am Christian, but a college education in business principles, human resource management and journalism has dampened my religious fervor, frankly. I have been fortunate not to have: a) met and married a devout Christian conservative — evanglical male (I would have gone crazy from the abuse, or murdered him); b) joined a Baptist or other strongly conservative Christian church, and become brainwashed into accepting the values you describe. I have had some “near-misses” — heaven knows when I was young, there were attempts made by people I encountered to coax me into their religious groups. I was too practical, too well educated after college, and too observant to tolerate that idiotic lifestyle. I felt sorry for the women who were trapped in it, although (if truth be served) they accepted it, and sometimes “rolled-in-it”. I gave up on joining a church after a decade or so. (Now I’m living in a Christian retirement home that is supported by the baptist church here. They treat their old folks well, and I “mind my own business” — not trotting out my heretical views during the dinner hour, etc. Sigh….

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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