Thank you, Rachael Ann, for sharing your truths, and your sentiments with us. I was surprised by what you had to say, because you and I have three things in common. My mother’s family also comes from German, Irish and English ethnic backgrounds (although why an Irish fellow would marry a German lass is totally beyond my comprehension). We are all immigrants here, except for our Native Americans. None of us should have any reason (nor any right) to wave a discrimination flag. Our Native Americans can wave one, because we stole their country from them, and they have been discriminated against by lots of us. It’s outrageous and immoral, to say the least that we have held them in any form of disrespect.

But that aside, I am among the many of us Americans who feel similar feelings about our president, as you do. We are doing all that we can to promote the force of initiative that will get as many people to the voting polls as we possibly can on the Third of November.

Personally, I am deeply concerned that we might not succeed in ousting our Bragging Bigot from the White House and our Congress, because I think his 2nd term in office will be much worse than his first one. If he wins a second term, he will feel unleashed from any form of constitutional constraints or national laws, and he will run amok, with the backing of Republicans who may still hold office after November 3rd.

We must remove them from office as well, because the divisiveness they will promote if they remain in office will make governing our nation a dreadful mess.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to the table for us to share. We should all be just as concerned as you are.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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