Thank you, Robert Busch, for your edifying and thought provoking piece! I understand that you are NOT simply joining the crowd of 19th century power-mad, misogynistic men (who think of their women as objects and tools for their entertainment and their social achievement as trophy wives).

I believe your piece serves as a great warning to single women who might be considering a future as a "pampered" wife to a successful or politically powerful conservative man.

Any woman who gives up her independence and her self-respect to a Republican man (most of them are conservatives, are they not) or a powerful man with commercial ties who is seeking advancement among his peers (and thus looking for a trophy wife to accompany him and enhance his powerful commercial or political image) is stepping into a life that will not be psychologically rewarding to her, and may well stifle her own achievements, and she will ultimately succumb to her status as an object in his world, or end up in a divorce, or possibly end up an abused victim (possibly a dead one, even).

This is not a new story in the life experiences of women. We've been "trophy wives" for centuries. Only in this century has there been a social movement by women to throw off the shackles of pampered pets and social slaves. We women need to remember this and deal with it accordingly.

I have a curious little story to share with you! I recently received a letter from the Republican National Committee with a "check" for $40 in it, and a plea for a donation of $40 (or more) to fund their war chest to save Donald Trump from what will probably become his fate (as our ex-president next year). The check was marked as a promotional piece on its front (in fine print) to prevent me from cashing it (my immediate first impulse).

I believe this was a promotional strategy to get "free money" from me, of course -- but it's interesting that the letter was sent to me (clearly a woman). I suspect the RNCC has NOT sent dunning letters of this type to men in their political stable. (Needless to say, I wrote them an informative little note stating that I am a Democrat, and that my age & retirement status preclude making a contribution.)

However, I also received a similar request for campaign funds from the DNCC (Democratic Party)... with a similar check (for $25)--but THAT check was not marked with a statement that it was "for promotion only" -- it was a negotiable check -- which didn't insult my intelligence or destroy my potential impulse to send it back with a matching donation. That is the difference between the Republican Party's opinion of the "use of women" and the Democratic Party's recognition of the "value of women" - I think.

Interesting, don't you think? !

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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