Thanks, Mr. Faldin, for your thoughts on writing, and on Medium.

I’m a person who sporadically writes original pieces on Medium, but most of the time, I write thoughtful responses to other writers’ pieces on Medium. I haven’t the “career” of writing here on the Medium Forums as a means to advance my “career” in writing, or as a means to make money. I simply can’t help myself…I feel like responding to the things that people “say” here, because I’m a thinking person, and I care about what kind of information is flowing here. But it is your piece of advice on “making it” on Medium that has sparked my interest in the actual practice of writing daily … just to make a creative effort in writing for its own sake.

In any case, I have been formally educated to become a writer by virtue of my college education…which I’ve never effectively utilized to make a good living with…although my sister, at one time, made quite a bit of effort to convince me that I should use the “God-Given-Talent” that I have, to write readable material, to actually create something that could make money for me. I’m old now, so it hardly matters, I guess, but writing comes easily to me, and I read a lot, so I’m always learning something new and interesting that might be worth sharing with others (particularly when I’ve put my personal stamp of thought-processing on it).

So I’ll take your bit of advice here, and start writing more often here in the Medium Forum. I can’t quite imagine what-in-the-devil I’ll have to say on any given day, but I always have something to say, once I start to say it. So perhaps my efforts here might result in some future rewards that I can personally appreciate. I’m intrigued by the possibility of having a few “fans” who like what I’m writing. I do notice when they “notice” what I’ve said — and even comment on my observations. So maybe I can have more fun here if I write more, and balance out my reading here with my writing here.

Thank you for your thought-provoking advice. Best regards….

BayfiaX, Longview, Washington

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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