The Democratic Party has been pistol-whipped, beaten to a pulp and humiliated repeatedly by the Republican Party over the years...and you wonder why we lack the spunk to rise up and "teach those damn rich white boys a lesson"?

Let's start with the first requirement for a successful legislative term in a Democratic Congress -- such that the battered, bruised and beaten Representatives and Senators of the Left Flank can recover a sense of pride and strength. It's not going to happen over night. It will take some time and some active legislative action initiated by our Democratic Left Contingent to shore up our broken faith, our trampled pride, and our lost sense of direction.

The Republican Party has become increasingly obsessed with their power, their good fortune, their increasing wealth--and they have lost sight of the goals and objectives of a partisan political system that works well in tandem. They think the Chariot of the Gods has only two wheels -- and both of them on the Right Side. They have lost sight of the cosmic truth that a chariot race cannot be run, or won, by hobbling half the chariot to just two wheels on the Right Side, and a horse that is beaten, broken and bloody pulling it.

This is what the Republicans have done in their mad possession of power at the expense of balance and reasonable negotiation between the Left and Right sides of the Governing Body of our Congress.

It is not enough to be strong and successful, when you are only half of a team that is intended to function as a whole with both sides operational.

Our nation is failing--our democracy is dying, because of this imbalance in our power structure--this profoundly unfair and broken congress that refuses to recognize that both sides of the Chariot of the Gods must be up and running, and in good order, or neither side will haul the Chariot to the Finish Line, where the Laurel Leaves are awarded.

This story probably was played out before--in Rome. They invented the chariot races, of course. And their Roman Senate was not able to cope with the complaints of the charioteers that their chariots be serviced, repaired, and the horses' wounds treated, so that they could run the races and win. The Roman Chariot Races were perhaps one of the most important functions of their society.

We are coming up on the most significant race that our Congress holds this coming November -- and like most races, there will be wagers taken, much gold will trade hands, both sides will be expecting to win and "bigly" -- and the loser will be denigrated, and suffer humiliation. Both sides are determined to win.

And our nation will suffer from the effects of this contest -- as we always do every four years. If our Caesar loses his bet to rise triumphant, he won't be pleased. He will be angry, along with the Senators who follow him--just as the Roman Senate probably felt after the great chariot races.

But this time around, the Charioteers on the Left side are determined to win, and so the race will be much more challenging...there will be blood on the brows of the lead charioteers. There could be an archer in the stadium with a bead drawn on one of the charioteers. It could be a catastrophic photo finish.

Or not... National races with high stakes and only one winner can be exciting, or they can be deadly--or both.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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