Let’s call him for what he is, our despotic, dishonest, and immoral president

I am a suporrter of Bernie Sanders — and I am thankful that he has not relinquished his bid for the presidency. If Bernie is on the ballot in November, I most definitely will vote for him!

I first wrote this commentary as a response to someone’s remarks. But after I did that, I realized how important this message is. I don’t like people smearing Democratic candidates “just cuz they’re Democrats” — but I think some people are doing that. They are, of course, Trump supporters, but they clearly don’t realize that what they are doing, by mounting smear campaigns against the Democratic Party, is an attempt to eliminate, to destroy the Democratic party.

Our democratic union will go down in tears and lamentations if we do not deal with the corruption that has taken over our Congress and our White House. Of course, the party in control of our government, and our White House, has no intention of relinquishing power. They will say and do anything to ensure their continuing control of our nation.

But our people need a GOOD alternative to our corrupt Republican Party and that Fool on the Hill in the White House. And he is a fool — but not merely a fool — he is, let us face the truth here, a despot and he is mentally defective. His incessant lying, and his refusal to read anything that might enlighten him so that he could manage our government and lead our people effectively, is a betrayal of his administrative and political mandate as our leader. He has proven that he cares nothing for the Constitution, nothing for the people of America, nothing about anything except his own self-aggrandizement and his personal wealth. He is a narcissistic despot and thus an anathema to our democracy. Donald Trump must be removed.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is an honorable, patriotic American who clearly knows and understands the Constitution, and he knows what is at stake (our democracy). Whether we call him a Democrat or an American, or a “democratic socialist” he is still a loyal, and upstanding, representative of the Democratic party, and our people.

All of America’s governmental programs that meet the social needs of our people (all our Social Welfare Programs, such as the SNAP program to feed the poor and unemployed, and the Unemployment Insurance Program, which keeps our people from losing our homes and prevents the starvation of our children), and the many other social welfare programs that we have demanded, and mandated, which our government provide for us as a people — ALL THESE PROGRAMS ARE SOCIAL PROGRAMS — that is what “socialism” is about — the SOCIAL WELFARE of our peoples.

If we allow Donald Trump and his corrupt Republican Congress to remain in power, our social welfare will be destroyed. Right now, because he is misleading the American people, and our government, we are diving into an apocalyptic recession — everybody is losing their jobs, and nobody can buy food or pay their rent/mortgage payments, because we’re all losing our jobs.

This is NOT what a government organized on the principles of Democratic social principles is designed to operate like! To be a prosperous nation, we must all make the efforts necessary to become prosperous. But in the event that we cannot find employment (such as in an economic recession, or because of the automation of our manufacturing and production processes) then we should be cared for — even those of us who have lost our jobs, and those of us who are sick and can’t work.

If our government does not provide the basic means and the ways for us to become employed and thus prosperous enough to pay our own way, (because of our political system’s short-sighted planning for the effects of automation and the reduction of our manufacturing or service industry’s needs for employees) then our government must see to our needs and provide the means and the way through social support systems that help us to survive. That is “socialism” — but it is also vital to our survival.

We could all stand about making objections to this need, this contingency for our poor planning and our failure to recognize that not all forms of alternative means to production are equally appropriate, or useful, but ultimately we must, as a nation, recognize that automated processing will eliminate jobs for a large majority of us. And if there are no employment opportunities to be had, then we must find other ways to survive — OR we must stop reproducing ourselves without regard to the ability of our government, or our planet, to support us and keep us alive and healthy.

We are definitely at that point now — and we must deal with it. We must either reduce our reproduction rate and lower our numbers (and that is highly unlikely) or we must stop automating all our manufacturing processing (or reduce the number we have), or we must find other ways to generate the resources that we use to exchange for the finished products that our machines make for us.

So as a people, we are facing a change in the way we do business — a major change in our economic generation and exchange of wealth for creature comforts, lodging, and food. If we do not change our economic system to meet the demands of an automated manufacturing system, or if we do not reduce our physical numbers through some form of control (or abstinence) of our reproductive process, then our nation’s economy will collapse and, the once wild and free state of America will decline and perish.

This is not, inherently, a political issue. This is an economic issue — a resource management issue. This is not a choice between a policy of fiscal restraint (which is the Republican party’s modus operandi), and a policy of social welfare (the Democratic party’s modus operandi). Both side of this issue must deal with the rapidly depleting sources of the materials that we need to make our commercial system run smoothly, and thus produce our continuing need for people to power the machines that produce our marketable goods, and thus the profitability of our nation. If we cannot make stuff to sell, then we won’t have stuff, and then we won’t have profits and economic prosperity. And if we don’t have the stuff, and we don’t have the income, we won’t have the means to support ourselves, nor the jobs we needs, nor anything else that equates to economic prosperity.

Obviously, the result is a recession — or worse, a depression, and then economic collapse. And at that point, America ceases to be a nation and become a wasteland.

We can all sit in front of out TVs and see this happening, and argue with each other about whose fault it is, but it’s bigger than We the People. Its the inevitable outcome of a nation that has outgrown it’s youthful growth, and has settled into the final stage of our commercial lifestyle.

What we all need to recognize is that there is more than one possible objective for a nation state to maintain its usefulness in the world. Profiteering from the manufacture and sale of junk that we ultimately throw in the waste heaps, and, unfortunately, in our oceans, is a failing commercial endeavor. There is another way we can make a profit as a nation, and as our world’s dominant species. We can clean up the messes we’ve made, restore our forests, our oceans, our atmosphere, and rescue the wildlife that we’ve been driving to extinction. If we save our bees, we will save ourselves (and if they all die, our species will die too).

There are ways for us to make a profit and survive, and avoid being forced (for the short-term) onto Welfare. If we don’t find those ways, our Welfare system will fail — sooner than later. These issues are all important to Bernie Sanders, by the way, and he understands the issues and the implications.

Donald Trump has no clue!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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