The human species, as a whole, engages in tribalism, which is, fundamentally, "racism" -- we don't like strangers (as a species). We don't trust strangers who look different then us--their difference in appearance, and the tribal customs that they display (which are, of course, different) make us wary, and sometimes afraid. In our tribal glory, we are authoritarian by nature.

Somebody's the leader...the "Chief" in our tribe, and he (usually "he") cements his power & authority by use of intimidation and fear, or by technical innovation (weapons, poisons, and magical means--technology). He further ensures his hold on the "tribe" by mating and producing offspring. This is the way of power and control that has been the essence of human tribalism for centuries. God help us if we encounter a foreign entity who is so far beyond our conceptual level (Aliens) that we can't fathom how he will act, nor what technologies enhance his power (and our threat). (It could happen... )

What you assert is racism that white people manifest (universally, you assert) is, in truth, nothing but the same tribal imperatives that you assert in your alternative black social culture.

The solution to tribalism and multi-cultural warfare predicated on race (and more significantly, color and technology) is a meeting of the minds in a bi-cultural exchange that is grounded in information transfer and exploration.

Unfortunately, our current president does not admire that kind of cooperation and exchange. He does not enjoy interacting with "foreigners" in the League of Nations--the United Nations. He prefers isolation and control. He would not object to participation if he could be assured that he will be "in control" -- the "Supreme Leader". His perspective is grounded in his somewhat uninformed and insulated authoritarian perspective. The solution to this dilemma is to replace the leader with a more educated, and enlightened leader.

Hopefully, we can accomplish that change in November.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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