The problems we're having in America today are not entirely because of the original sin of Racism. Racism, bigotry, 200 years of resentment and hate are all symptoms of a cause that we cannot "fix" by making new laws, or teaching sociology in our schools. We have a social order that is grounded in an economic system that results in scarcities for the greater number of us, and in unfair employment practices because employers make hiring decisions based on their anticipated profits, vs. their costs of production. The Top 1% doesn't care whether the rest of us have a job or not, or if we are getting enough to eat, or if we have an income that will allow us to buy a house, or pay our medical bills. Profit and demand, and costs of production are the only issues they are concerned about.

Our economic system is paired with our industrial production (although these days, we’re exporting production overseas to reduce costs more often), and of course, we are automating everything — the computers are making the “stuff” these days! Because we measure our success as a nation on how the commercial index of how well our commercial sector is doing, versus every other possible indicator of our social well-being and our success, more people fall off the financial cliff every year -- because our major commercial organizations are automating their manufacturing and sales processes, and they are not hiring workers like they once did. And of course, because the Babyboomer Generation is still with us, but getting old, and fading out slowly, there’s lots more elders for the rest of us to take care of. Of course, the owners of our commercial production aren’t KILLING workers like they once did (because of the labor laws) --but they build in the safety mechanisms that were set up to protect the lives of the working class. But the new factories have computers making the stuff now, so…. less jobs for us.

The solution to all of this misery is to start our own businesses, or join Cooperatives which take over the big businesses, where the workers are the owners, and not simply wage slaves.

Also, we really must make a much stronger effort to clean up our environment, purify our stream waters, reduce the amount of garbage we produce, and the number of children we are creating - because we can't support large families anymore, nor can our environment.

If we can't control ourselves, we won't be able to make the social changes necessary to find a new way to increase our prosperity, and continue to participate in the commercial productivity of our hyper-commercialized economy.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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