The process of Impeachment is articulated in our Constitution. It was established by our Forefathers because they were intelligent enough to realize that not all men are upstanding, honest, or even intelligent enough to serve as the leader of our nation. They knew there would come a day that someone would lie, cheat, and steal his way into the presidency — would say whatever he felt that he had to in order to convince all the rest of us to elect him — especially if he should make a career out of lying and stealing and bullying others to attain wealth — and he would not stop lying once he bamboozles us all into hiring him for the job. We have such a man right now in the presidency.

Our forefathers did not put the Impeachment clause in our Constitution as a political stunt. They put it there as a “last chance clause”…a rescue attempt… a “trap door” out from under our nation when our leader shall have taken over as a totalitarian despot and declared himself “King of America”. We have such a man right now trying to do precisely that!

No, our Impeachment is not a joke, not a political stunt, and certainly not an act by a Democratic “flake”. It’s the real deal, and it’s serious as a heart attack! For those of us here who can’t accept the validity of this deadly serious step that we have taken, please readjust your partisan hats and recognize that our nation’s forefathers made the provision of Impeachment for our benefit, to save our democratic nation. They were serious, and we need to be serious here.

Anyone who denies the truth of this is simply kidding themselves, and they are shortchanging our Constitution by ignoring the truth. We have a president who lies to all, daily, and who stands before us at the podium and yells at us — his face becoming florid with his rage, spittle flying from his mouth, like the narcissist that he is, as he makes accusations that are both false and meaningless.

We cannot… we must not… hire another narcissistic liar to sit on the throne of his arrogant pride, ignoring the truth of the Climate Change, which has been pointed out to us by our scientists, and thus ignoring the needs of our nation and our peoples. And THAT includes the paranoid narcissist who is sitting there now!

Wake up!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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