The truth will out, as they say. Like you, Umair, I am deeply worried about whether we can survive this election--if we cannot prevent Donald Trump, our authoritarian despot, from returning to the Oval Office in January. He really needs to go--and if he pulls off a "Bait and Switch" such that he convinces America that the election was "rigged" -- then the only possible hope is for someone to take aim from a balcony (like they did to John F. Kennedy back in 1963) and shoot him. Regardless of out many jackasses we've got in the ranks of Trump's fanclub, there has to be more of us who want our America to be intact after we've removed him from office. But Trump is not the biggest problem America has. The corrupt Republican Party is the really big problem -- they are the ones who put that horse's ass on the throne in the White House. And they are the ones who want to retain total possession and control of our government and our natural resources, and all our American wealth. They are the cause of the corruption in our White House, and unless we can find some way to prevent it, they will find another jackass to put up there and "fix us" in the next administration.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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