The very reason for our divisiveness as a people, and all our civility has broken down is BECAUSE Donald Trump was elected WITHOUT having been APPROVED or ACCEPTED by the Popular Vote! When the Will of the People is flouted and ignored, there will be NO ACCEPTANCE, and thus NO COOPERATION by the People as a cohesive body of will and intent.

To further exacerbate this dreadful happenstance, we have the highly active and well-informed media sources to bring to our attention on a daily basis the incompetence and the malevolent misdirection of the Republican Party--which has totally lost its moral compass since the RNCC allowed it to be purchased and compromised by an immoral leader which it has no excuse for having allowed to become our president.

The only solution to this dreadful compromise, this erosion of our Democratic Ideals, is to remove Donald Trump from office. We should have done this when we impeached the man! But no, We the People failed to demand the proper resolution to this terrible conundrum, so now we must endure through to the conclusion on November 3rd!

If we fail to remove our mentally defective authoritarian despot from the Office of the President on November 3rd, then our nation-state will go down in flames, and thus will end the brave and beautiful American Experiment!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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