There are many more Prime Actors in this crisis of American Indecision than just the wee little voters who can cast ballots in November. There are also corporate entities (defined by Law as "people" by virtue of their incorporation as entities) which can cast deciding votes in our public affairs. There are also specific individuals who, by virtue of their immense wealth, can influence the decisions made by our Congress on the basis of their enormous contributions to political actors -- such that politicians now feel they are more beholding to such Individuals than to the rest of us -- by virtue of their potentially enormous contributions of cash to the political campaigns of our electable representatives.

This single change in the way that We the People manage our public affairs has corrupted our political systems and weakened our living personal power immensely - such that our Corporate Entities and our Top Five Percent -- our Social Elites - control how well our Democratic Union can function, and who can be privileged to benefit from it, and who can be allowed to own a business, or find employment, or receive medical services, or own a home (or a small business).

Our definition of what and who is a "person" - what and who can make choices for who our political agents and representatives are is now controlled largely by the billionaires and millionaires -- regardless of whether they are, in fact, a conglomerate of stockholders (and thus corporate "persons") or not.

Our democratic union is compromised by this -- and our American society is threatened by it. We need to rewrite our Social Contract - rewrite the definition of Who .. Or WHAT .. is a "person" - and who and what may have a say in what may become a new law, or how how our nation can function to meet the needs and contingencies of our peoples.

Rewriting our Constitution is a good Start to meet this objective - but it will not happen without confrontation and a call for Accountability by our Elites and our Corporate Entities. They will not agree to our demands for this readily, nor well.

The task would be daunting, and the threat to our Democratic Union would be significant. This is potentially a choice to enter a confrontation that will have dire and potentially bloody outcomes.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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