There is a cause behind the results of our current political season that we all should take a hard look at, because our democratic union is threatened by it, and our nation state is 200 years old…. America the Beautiful has become an old girl, and she’s tired of all the commercial uproar — the opportunism and the waste of our national resources — all the ugly after-effects of our corporate and individual profit mongering and opportunism.

We’ve got a problem — and it’s not our lack of patriotism. It’s our greed, and our opportunism, and our refusal to recognize that cheap thrills paid dirt cheap do not give us spiritual fulfillment, and they don’t elevate our spirit or our nation’s reputation as a upstanding member of the League of Nations.

In a word, we’ve turned our country into a carnival circus (well, that’s two words, but you get the picture).

So, I’m not a professor of Economics or Commercialism, but I do have a college education, and a brain, but I’m living in a state of diminished economic comfort, because (like the great majority of us Americans), I am not a corporate manager. I’m not “wealthy.” I do have a credit card from Amazon, however. God help me! And I need that credit card like I need a pickpocket’s paw reaching into my wallet every month.

I suspect there’s a bunch of us Americans right in this same state of affairs with me. The Seventy Percent of us who are living on a budget that has not one nickel of free space in it…no room for a medical emergency, no room in it for a financial crisis caused by the loss of our job, no room in it for hope.

Our commercial credit industry has given us this gift How many of us here has a credit card from a bank that is charging 26.8% interest on the balance? The church labels that as “usury”… and that kind of financial abuse is prevalent in the industry. Many of us who are living on an income that is enough to support one person, but supporting a family of 3 or 4… say, $24K a year… we’re stifling in our retail debt. But this is the American Way — not the way we want it to be…but we’re not driving our own train anymore. The big retail credit organizations are in control.

So we put Donald Trump in the driver’s seat because he says what we think we want to hear. He makes stuff up as he goes along… he claims that he can make a “…uge” difference in our financial well-being, our job security… or just about anything you could wish for. But he’s making it up as he goes.

This president doesn’t care about whether we can hold onto our job — and in the pandemic we’re living through right now, it’s unlikely that we will. The Top 5% will sail right on through, pay their bills and their taxes, and continue to live in the lap of luxury. They are Donald Trump’s friends.

The rest of us? Not so great. If we get sick with the Corona Virus, well, we’ll just have to stay home from work… we’ll lose our jobs and our homes, and our lifestyle. But, meh…! That’s no problem for Donald Trump, or his friends on the Hill.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, our generous government just passed a bill to give us a loan… a LOAN … not a GRANT… to help us get by until the Coronavirus goes away. That could be a year from now, or longer. Meanwhile, how are we going to survive … if we’ve got a Loan, then we’ve got Loan Payments to make, Plus Interest….. !

Does this state of affairs seem okay to you? It sure doesn’t seem okay to me! And we have our president, and our millionaires, to thank for this. I think we need a fiscal adjustment.

Don’t you?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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