There is more to this problem of immature, self-absorbed, and narcissistically imbalanced men (mostly men) - women are generally more emotionally balanced because they are required to respond to the demands of men in their life, and to the demands of their children [which can be significantly trying for almost anyone).

We are in the midst of another technological revolution -- one in which the computers are becoming significant contenders for our attention, and where (unfortunately), a great many potential leaders lack sufficient education, lack sufficient understanding, and lack sufficient patience to learn how to use these engines of information effectively -- but they MUST learn to use these computer engines effectively or they will fail to perform in the realm of politics and human interactions -- to say Nothing about the threats against the human species brought by Climate Change, Pollution, Declining Resources, and a number of other potential threats....

Have you been following the news about the sightings WITH Color Photos of UFOs appearing Over Our Cities! Yes, there is evidence, there are photos, AND there are eye witness testimonies now by Airport Personnel who have seen them...

There is also evidence of a base under water off in the Gulf of Mexico. We have a LOT of things to worry about, and our world leaders are NOT up to the task! If you're not worried yet, go look at the news!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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