Response to Shelly Fagan — Garden of Eden Story

This is a fascinating interpretation of the Book of Genesis. Thank you. And the contemplative piece by Andrew Martin is also quite thought provoking! Thank you, as well. However, as the scriptures of the Bible were written by men and women, and the biblical scriptures were written centuries ago, when the human race was young and considerably less knowledgeable, more superstitious, and inclined to magical thinking (without basis in logical thought at times, and certainly without empirical knowledge of the world in the beginning), I feel it’s important to recognize that the Bible, while a collection of inspired thoughts, is more an accounting of ancient human contemplations on the nature of the world (as well as a numerous recounting of human experience in an ancient world). It lacks the rigorous analysis that is present in modern scientific studies on the nature of our world, and our ground of being. Human kind have been engaged in the making of mythic narratives for centuries.

While I am not inclined to place my faith in the ruminations of Neolithic Man, because ignorance may be “bliss”, it is not well grounded in the truth of scientific research and the logical analysis of well-considered, scholarly or logical analysis of the myriad bits and pieces of humanity’s search for the truth of our being and our world. Humanity has come a long way down the Road to Eternity from our beginnings in the lands of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

I am, nevertheless, a Christian, thus I believe in the value of our worship of a Supreme Being. It is harder to believe that we sprang, like Minerva from the Head of Zeus, (the classic Greek interpretation of Man as nothing more than a headache in the mind of Zeus, the King of the Gods) than it is to see us as we are, the evolutionary product of Life emerging from the primordial ooze to evolve into the myriad beings that we are, and as we now strive to leap off our Great Mother Earth to explore the worlds in our solar system, and perhaps the deeper worlds in our universe. That is quite the miracle of Life just as it is.

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