This is the essay that I've been hoping would be published, and I read every word of it...although it is a long piece. Every word, and all the history folded in, along with the thoughtful analyses of the political and moral ramifications of what is happening to our nation because of what Donald Trump is doing to our political processes, and our internal discussions one to another... and the effect that Trump has had on the world's opinion of our nation.

Donald Trump is destroying America's reputation among the League of Nations. His narcissistic self-absorption, his perpetual lying, and his total disregard for our people have led to over 100,000 deaths because of the Coronavirus he had no idea how to deal with, and he didn't care. Donald Trump is a terrifying man--not just a narcissist, not just a bigot, but a tyrant who would gladly destroy our democratic nation.

He WILL refuse to accept the result of the November Election, if they do not confirm his desire (his determination) to retain his role as president! Trump will defy the Constitution, and the historic precedent of 200+ years of Constitutional Rule of Law to hold onto his role as the president after November 5th, if we should be fortunate enough as a people to remove Trump from the presidency.

Trump will attempt to enact an Executive Order to force Congress to call for a Second Vote Count if he loses the Election. He will likely engage the military in an attempt to suppress our movement toward replacing him. He's not above imposing a "Siege" -- and he may do things we cannot imagine. Why? Because Donald Trump is not mentally sound. He is a narcissist, and narcissists can be incredibly unpredictable, even dangerous. (Frankly, certain homocidals suffer from narcissism!)

This coming November could result in a terrible confrontation between Trump's supporters and all the rest of us. He could call upon the Military to defend his determination to retain his position as President.

In any case, this wonderful, superbly written review of America's historical and political background may help us prepare for that, and for what is coming.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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