Thoughts on the Future of our Democracy

A consideration of our President’s fitness to continue serving as the leader of our nation and the Free World…

I would like to begin by sharing my background. My graduate degree in Adult Education is from the University of Connecticut at Storrs, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and an A.A. in Public Relations Journalism from Austin Community College, Texas. My life experience has been in many areas, but primarily I have been a wife and mother, and I have held administrative support roles in the private sector over the years before my retirement.

In my review of an analysis of Democrats vs Republican fans of Trump that was published in the Medium Forum recently, and is still available for review, I was surprised, but then I became indignant — primarily because the assessment of the liberal position (identified as the “democrats”) that was offered by the author was essentially biased in favor of Donald Trump, and it opposes the views of liberals and democrats more generally.

My impression is the author assumes that we liberals are going to get our “richly deserved comeuppance” in November. But what is more likely, and potentially dangerous, is the possibility of confrontational encounters that could mount to the level of a civil war, if we don’t all keep our heads and think before we shoot.

We have a president who does a lot more than stand before us daily making bombastic claims, finding fault with anyone who is not a Republican and a “fan”, and making egregious claims which are prevarications. Essentially, he lies his face off, on a daily basis, before the cameras to the nation. His presentation of himself, and the claims he makes also serve to foment rebellion and angry retaliation, and he does it deliberately. Donald Trump is not simply a bigot and a liar. He is an authoritarian with a grudge. Furthermore, because of his apparent narcissism (which is a symptom of his self-righteousness), which I suspect is predicated on his childhood life experience with a father who bullied and humiliated him on a regular basis — like many narcissistic personalities, he sees himself as unique and special, and in his specific case, as the “King of America”. Of course, he does not refer to himself using that term, but he demonstrates his inflated sense of self-regard on a daily basis in front of a crowd of “fans” to prove his worth. Of course, that worth is what he admires about himself.

While I cannot make this assertion with the ironclad proof of a psychiatrist’s analysis, I can say that his behaviors, and his dishonesty, are in full view on the public media everyday, for all of us to see for ourselves. There are media sources which track the number of lies he tells each day, as well.

Donald Trump cannot be satisfied with his temporary leadership role as our president for just one term in office. He wants the title in perpetuity, if he can pull it off. Authoritarian despots often have mentally aberrant personalities — they see themselves as above the law, unapproachable. This country is facing the possibility of the dissolution of our democratic form of government. With a leader such as Donald Trump, that CAN happen here…as it has happened in other places in the world over the course of human history.

This man must be removed from office in November. We don’t like to contemplate the forceful removal of our president through impeachment because that invalidates our Democratic form of government. We prefer to follow the prescribed method for removing a man from the presidency — through the popular vote. That’s all well and good, as far as it goes, but it is not particularly effective when dealing with a narcissistic tyrant who has no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution.

At the moment, we are all temporarily at an impasse. We need to build the strength and momentum to deal with this man by discussing this problem in dialogue…to deal with this lawless tyrant through the electoral system. We really MUST vote to remove him. And we cannot allow ourselves to throw insults at one another or make angry accusations that are not based on facts or clear awareness of what he has done, and what he intends to do if he is re-elected in November.

Our constitution needs to be re-evaluated and upgraded for our time. We are a long way from 1776, and it is high time we have a constitutional convention to update our democracy by updating the constitution. But we will not be able to do that if we allow the despotic tyrant we now have in the White House to remain in control of our House and Senate, and our military. He would not allow it, and he would actively work to impede such an effort. He would use every means of Executive Authority at his disposal. He would issue Executive Orders to prevent our implementation of any change in our Constitution. He would do all this, while he has no respect for the Constitution or the Rule of Law…a fact which he has blatantly demonstrated on more than one occasion.

Furthermore, the necessity to remove him is not truly a partisan issue. Our democratic form of government is in jeopardy — Donald Trump is an authoritarian, and I would argue that he does have a personality disorder. Tyrants often have some form of personality problem. They don’t customarily relinquish their grip on a political state willingly. They must be removed through the united efforts of the people who they have their greatest impact on…who have a stake in keeping their freedom and their country united. We all need to stop and face the issues that make this necessity, and face them squarely.

In the same way that the early Americans were forced to declare their freedom from the control of the English monarchy, we must remove Donald Trump from the office of the presidency in November. It took a constitutional convention to establish the Declaration of Independence and the authorship of the Constitution. It took the bravery of George Washington to step up and take responsibility for seeing that through.

The presidential election in November is the perfect time, a perfect opportunity — for a new leader to step forward and take the reigns — and to initiate a constitutional convention that could serve as the means to update our constitution, articulate the new values and requirements of leadership for our nation. And then, through the agency of the gubernatorial vote, and not by any one partisan initiative, We the People should remove Donald Trump from the seat of power, and replace him with a new president who believes in the Rule of Law, who believes in the efficacy and value of our Constitution, and who does not foment anger and rebellion through his lies and his rants at the podium.

In the meantime, we need to run this race with patience and not with hot heads. And we need to keep talking about this issue, until we have identified all the elements that require attention in our constitution — so that we can host a meaningful and productive Constitutional Convention to fix what has clearly become outdated and inadequate to the political and social needs of our people in this time.

It’s been a long road out of Eden, as has been said by The Eagles in their album by the same name. Our Constitution is weary and in need of repair. Our nation needs a renewal of our faith. And we cannot put this off until next year! Our democracy is imperiled!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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