Yes, a reality check! There is a lot of speculation in our forums and in the news about the upcoming primary elections leading up to November 3rd.

This is January 20th…. 10 months to go before November 3rd and the election. We can all take a deep breath, and slow down our heartbeats, maybe take a nice long drink of cold water and wait for our hyperventilation to dissipate. We certainly don’t need to pick our final candidate this week. Patience is a virtue, and the leading candidate will emerge in due time… along about June.

I think we’re all aware that Donald Trump is not suited by temperament or by experience to continue in the role of president. He lacks the appropriate leadership skills as they pertain to the United States. Our nation is a world leader, and as such we are scrutinized daily by other world leaders, and in particular, the leadership in China, the USSR and North Korea. We have within our dominion a nuclear arsenal that could destroy the world, and we live in perilous times.

We cannot afford to make another mistake like we did in 2016, by appointing a volatile, narcissistic and unpredictable leader who has proven that he is capable of making hasty, and potentially irrational, decisions which can affect the lives of our military deployed in nation states such as Iran. We cannot afford to ignore some of our world’s other leaders, like the Premier of North Korea, and the Imam in Iran, or certainly not the nations of China and the U.S.S.R. Nor can we ignore our impact on such volatile entities as ISIS, the terrorist army.

Frankly, I’ve seen many elections over the years, and so I have some impressions to share here. None of us have seen a woman run for the office of the presidency before Elizabeth Warren stepped up last year. I think it’s extremely unlikely, even now, that a woman will be elected this year, because we have not yet risen above our fear and our bigotry to allow that to happen. I have no complaints about Elizabeth Warren. She is brave, intelligent, and of good moral character and she has political experience. But I do not believe she can buck the prejudice of the American people, who are still entrenched in our conservative lifestyles and our monolithic sociological commitment to men as leaders, and women as followers.

We are also, many of us, still entrenched in our religious value systems, prominent of which are the Catholic and the evangelical Christians, along with the Hebrew, Moslem and Buddhist religions (to say nothing of our Native American religious groups). Women are not generally regarded by some of these religious groups as appropriate for leadership. Those of us who have these religious perspectives won’t vote for a woman to take the presidency, at least not this year.

I believe a great many Americans truly want to see a change in the presidency in November, because we are becoming deeply concerned about the mental stability of our president.

I am one of the many who feels this concern, and so, I feel that Bernie Sanders is my best choice for the nomination this fall, and for the role of president next January. He has been a member of congress for 21 years. He has strong principles, he is honest, and he is quite intelligent. I think Bernie is capable of standing up to Donald Trump with courage, intelligence and wit. Trump won’t be able to intimidate him easily.

I like Joe Biden also. Joe is certainly a seasoned, intelligent and strong contender for the presidency, with 8 years experience as the Vice President and 36 years on Congress.

Pete Buttigieg is too young, and he lacks political experience at the national level, which is necessary for effective leadership as our president.

I believe the folks in our heartland, although they are smaller in number than those in the cities, are more likely to vote in November than those in the cities. They tend to be quite conservative, and thus most often vote as Republicans, but we need their votes to be counted this November too. Folks in the cities are sometimes “too busy” to go to the polls, or they simply want to view the presidential election as a spectator sport…they haul up a chair at the bar and watch the fight on the overhead monitor — or while snacking on chips in front of their TVs at home.

The folks in the heartland share something in common with the folks in our many small towns, and those of us who have to find a way to survive in the poorer districts of our cities — and in our retirement havens all over America. We’re really interested in who’s running for the presidency, because we want to vote for somebody who won’t throw us under the bus next year.

I think we’ve all learned enough about Donald Trump to know that he’s a bigot, a liar, and a wannabe tyrant. He’s authoritarian to an extreme, and he is unprincipled enough to say anything that he thinks will increase his popularity. Of course, he hopes to be re-elected, because his ego is on the line here. He has that huge hotel on Mar-a-Lago, and he wants to be able to invite G7 leaders and their wives out to the green isle of Ireland to play golf and stay at the hotel. But does he care about the survival of our nation, and our species? I doubt it greatly. He doesn’t believe that “climate change” is real. It most certainly IS real, and it’s threatening our very survival. Our oceans are even heating up, which is affecting the survival of our marine species.

Mr. Trump has no faith in the efficacy of our Environmental Protection Agency — which is remarkably frightening. We have only a short time (about 10 years) to save our planet. Throwing away our environmental initiatives is suicidal!

We simply cannot have this ill-informed, unread profiteering pirate win a second term in our nation’s capital. As it’s often been said, “Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on me!”

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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