“To Everything There is a Season…

and a time for every purpose under Heaven…” [Ecclesiastes 3:1]

…And unfortunately, “popularity contests” are the New Thing of the Moment, so it’s impossible not to choose sides. Popularity polls and Political Stances have two sides — “ain’t no such thing” as a One-Sided Coin, or as Donald Trump has recently said, “It is What It Is”.

I’ve been a Democrat since I graduated from the University of Connecticut at Storrs back in the 1970s. My M.A. is in Education — Adult Development, and my B.S. is in Psychology, and an A.A. in Public Relations Journalism. My “born Republican” grandmother would roll over in her grave. My college studies focused on business administration-human resources development, and additional studies in psychology, sociology and human welfare, so I look at our country’s politics and our economic well-being in terms of how we take care of our peoples, and our natural environments.

I am deeply concerned about Climate Change (it’s wrecking the planet), and our survival as a species. We are in danger of losing the fight to save our planet’s life, and as the natural environment goes, so goes our species, and everything else that lives here. Donald Trump is a very poorly informed, self-absorbed Capitalist — a profligate who cares nothing about the effects that our national obsession with commercial gains, economic conquests and entertainment are having on our planet. If he wins re-election, then the destruction of our nation’s environment, and the rising heat that is causing the Super Storms we are experiencing (along with the growing pollution of our waters, the death of the sea life in our oceans (the most recent victims are our world’s sharks), and our president’s foolish refusal to deal with our need for proactive initiatives on the International Level (his insane withdrawal from the World Climate Congress), to deal with our Climate Change will kill us all.

Our planet is in Grave Danger, as are we all. Donald Trump will not deal with it, because it’s not profitable for him personally. He is in thrall to the Commercial Markets — the Stock Market, and to major corporate donors to keep him in power, so that he can spend his days sitting in front of his television stuffing his face and making social calls to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, because — as he has said, “they are in love”!

Even lazy, self-serving, autocratic authoritarians need friends. Personally, I like Joe Biden much better. He’s not an authoritarian, he cares about our nation’s environmental survival, (and our world more generally), he’s not a liar, and I believe he wants to save our environment and our world. He has shown initiative in that regard already.

Therefore, I am voting for Joe Biden, and I sincerely hope that the larger majority of us all will do the same.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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