To everything there is a time, and a purpose under heaven — and that includes public campaign stump pounding. We have a president who has plenty to say in his twitter rants and his TV appearances. He’s been making a mockery of public service for almost the entire four years he’s held the title of our Chief Executive. However, be that as it may, if Joe Biden were to attempt to compete with that kind of narcissistic “clowning around” by hitting the campaign trail, Donald Trump would make every effort to make Biden appear to be just another contender for the throne — the only contender, as it turns out — Trump would attack him at every opportunity. I’m sure we all know just how vicious Trump can be when he decides to tear down an opponent.

I believe Joe Biden is making the most reasonable response that he can to this situation and this president. He will come forward as he approaches Election Day, and of course, he may suffer a few slings & arrows as Trump begins his frontal assault on his opponent, the first week in November.

I’m certain Mr. Trump will also make insinuations and outrageous slurs against Mr. Biden at that time. If the president is sufficiently rattled by the opinion polls at that time, he may say things we will be amazed to hear— because he will do anything, say anything, imply many things, laugh and scream, boo and hiss at Joe Biden. I cannot hold Joe Biden at fault for opting out of any kind of rush to meet that event now, at the start of summer.

In the history of our nation, there have been other presidents who didn’t succeed in being re-elected for a second term as president. There is NO guarantee in our Constitution, nor in our Bill of Rights, that assures a president that he will be re-elected — and not be held accountable, dismissed, if he fails to fulfill his role as our leader well and appropriately during his first term in office.

I applaud Mr. Biden for having the common sense to stay out of the line of fire and away from the spittle that Mr. Trump is beginning to spray as he rants at the podium from now until Election Day. After all, Joe Biden isn’t the only person who can demonstrate his perspective and his capability to serve effectively as our president! He’s been writing op-eds to express his intent and his goals. I’ve read three of them so far, and I may have missed a few.

I believe Mr. Biden is demonstrating good problem solving skills. There’s more than one way to skin a cow, as a farmer would say.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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