Too many naysayers in this pack of dubious FanBoys! If you think the Democratic platform is in jeopardy and Joe Biden isn't up for the fight, then why are you part of the Democratic party? Or ARE YOU one of us?

If you are a Republican, you must be scared out of your britches right now. But what you need to learn is that no battle has ever been won by standing on the sidelines Booing and Hissing at the Challenger. If the challenger is righteous, then he has the blessing of the Gods (or in America's case, our beloved Almighty). Furthermore, it is not just the Almighty who is watching this contest--Our Forefathers are on the sidelines too, and I would say they most likely have chosen their champions.

More significantly in this year's race to the finish, we have the spirits of all our Black Americans, and, I hope, those of our many other colored citizens, and our womenfolks.

What is needed here, along with our dedication and our faith, is our American Commitment to VOTE... and to vote for the right man, and the righteous party.

Righteous is he who follows the path of the Lord, and the path of righteousness in the world.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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