Umair, let me point out a few things to you that you have not taken into consideration. But first, let me suggest a small adjustment in your style of delivery. May I suggest that you take a couple breaths before you push the “Send” button on your PC … and send your emotional rhetoric out into the rivers of thought on the Medium Forums. Take a few moments to proof-read your commentary before you send it… and correct your typing errors. I could see in this commentary here that you were fulminating at the top of your intellectual and emotional levels… you’ve left out words here and there because you were in such an emotional peak, and in such a rush to get it all out … so that you can inflame all the rest of us with the urgency of your angst.

If you proofread your commentaries at least twice before you cast your words to the winds, the increased clarity of your expressions will have a greater impact on us all, and we would not have to sit around counting the typos and the omissions while shaking our heads.

Okay, so that’s said, and now I have to say, Umair, that you are overlooking the obvious in one vital respect…in all of your fulminating rhetoric, you make the assumption that all of us folks… we Americans, and those Europeans, etc., are acting on impulse, without considering what is going on around us, without recognizing that we are being motivated by a leader who is not capable of understanding what is really important and what is right or fair … and so we are being yanked around like ignorant children, or worse yet, like stupid monkeys…and so we are being urked into doing things that are destructive to our social order because we’re being “tweaked” by our leader to become enraged and idiotic.

You are overlooking something, Umair. There is a small class of people in this American nation that is composed of the wealthiest people in our nation…the Top One Percent of us who are the wealthiest members of our citizenry. That Top One Percent has control of the reins in this country….as they do in the European countries. They’re interests are not the same as are OUR interests…they are interested in maximizing their wealth, in protecting their wealth, in HIDING their wealth… and they are interested in preventing all the rest of us from taking control of the engines of production…the sources of economic growth, because they don’t want us taking control of the sources that generate the wealth that they control.

All the rest of us cannot get a good handle on our income resources because we are not wealthy enough to be able to step back from our wage slavery — nor are we able to deal effectively with those individuals in our Congress who pay homage to our president and do his bidding.

Why can’t we get control of them? Because they are also wealthy…and they take their cue from the Top One Percent. They are part of the Controllers who prevent the rest of our nation’s people from achieving any sort of reasonable equality.

Many of us… certainly all of us who have college educations… are aware of this unfair economic dynamic, Umair. It’s making us mad as hell!

Ultimately, we may be forced to do something radical to put an end to this unfair state of affairs. It could get very ugly before we’re done. But this is the way of All Things. The United States has a government that is over 200 years old, Umair. All things come to an end in time. Nothing lasts forever.

What is needed now is not anguish and rebellion…what is needed now is a Constitution Convention, such that our form of government can be changed and upgraded for the times we live in.

That is what we should all be looking at…working toward…talking about.

And not considering fomenting a rebellion to tear down our democracy. It’s dying anyway. We need to rebuild it…and the way to do that is through deliberation and problem solving, and by reinventing our Constitution. THAT is how we can fix the mess we’re in, Umair.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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