Umair, your appeal, and your careful explanation of the importance of our world’s systems and assets is well crafted. Thank you. I have a slightly different perception about our world than you have — but basically, I’ve had the same perception of what is happening in our world that you do, for quite awhile now.

Our scientists see the world as a system with many parts (which is true, of course), but I see the world as one whole Living Being. No, not just “millions of living beings” — one, complete, integrated Being, a living entity where all the subsystems that you have identified are parts. A being with a name…. her name is Gaia. I think you see her the same way, yes? Human have discovered this concept already, ages ago. There are tribes of people who subscribe to this belief.

I believe that Gaia has been trying to communicate her distress to us for a quite a long while, but many of us don’t subscribe to the concept of a Divine Being, much less a fully aware living being that supports all the life that it carries.

Things evolve. Life evolves, Ideas evolve, Diseases like Corona Virus also evolve. What’s most intriguing about the Corona Virus is that it’s not “alive” in the sense that other things which replicate or spawn are alive. It doesn’t “eat” anything, from what I’ve seen in the documentary. To me, this indicates something that has “emerged” to fulfill a specific purpose.

And that purpose is?….. Hmm… the eradication of the Human Species, maybe?

Our world is dying because of things we are killing her through our selfish, arrogant and uncaring choices and behaviors. I think Gaia has reached the point where she is fighting to preserve her own life. And thus, humankind must exit — unless we can work faster and much more diligently to correct this situation by ceasing to destroy her life systems.

Maybe it’s not too late to save our world (and thus ourselves). Maybe…. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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