Unfortunately, popularity contests are not reliable, so I’m disinclined to think that Joe Biden’s “electability”, as a prime indicator of his likely success in the November election, is any better than the flip of a coin.

Ultimately, the choice of our next president in 2021 will be decided based on the overall sentiments of Americans who vote (and I am hoping that a great many more of us will do so this Fall). And on that basis, as I believe that a great many more of us dislike Mr. Trump intensely (myself included), and because we cannot simply have a “temper tantrum” if we cannot have Bernie Sanders, I believe that the American People who despise Donald Trump and his corrupt Republican Congress will, in turn, vote for the Democratic Party candidate who is running for President — regardless of whether that candidate is the Democrat of our personal preference.

Looking at Joe Biden, I see a man who has experience in the halls of U.S. Government. Let us all remember that he IS the former Vice President of these United States, and he WAS the vice president who partnered with Barack Obama during his years in the White House. I personally like Mr. Obama and his wife a great deal. He was, in my opinion, a very fine leader and worthy of recognition. I think Joe Biden learned “a thing or two” from Mr. Obama. And Mr. Biden is not a high school dropout, on his own merits, either. He is well educated and well trained to perform in the role of the presidency of these United States.

Joe Biden is a far better candidate for the position of the Presidency than Donald Trump ever was, or currently is. I believe he is treading softly in his campaign because these are volatile times…dangerous times. We cannot afford to have a fire brand/wild man in the White House. We’ve done very poorly with the ignoramus that we hired this first time around. In fact, Donald Trump’s election was more a fluke than a strategic act.

Hillary Clinton was not the ideal candidate because she is a woman, and our country is STILL NOT READY to allow a woman to sit in the White House (sigh). Her inability to achieve that goal was not a failure — it was an appalling travesty committed by our press cores, and the fault of James Comey, who felt that it was his “duty” to tell all he knew. He did not think further than the end of his nose about what effect his assertion would have on the perceptions of ignorant Americans. Afterwards, it was the dreadful fault of the American Press to make a circus of it by gleefully blaring the news as a salacious event. It was, in fact, a “nothing happening here” event, which the Republican Party pounced on, and turned into the Scandal of the Century. Anything to grab the presidency away from a Democrat…no holds barred. It was totally reprehensible, and frankly, unforgivable! It was a lesson for us all about how a political party can destroy a person’s political career simply by turning a naive FBI professional’s mistaken attempt to “do the right thing” professionally into a humongous scandal that destroys an opposition candidate.

But from the perspective of what that event did to the American people, it was a travesty of justice that could not be redressed. Not only was the Democratic Party’s potential first woman candidate’s political career destroyed, but at the same time, the American people were bamboozled into accepting a tyrant and a narcissistic prevaricator as our president — a man who is a quintessentially NON-ELECTABLE candidate, who should never have been elected as our president.

I believe the American People have learned a great deal because of the travesty of the 2016 election. Our mandate to choose our leader was damaged horribly because of that act, and as a result, the American People have had to endure the worst president, the least temperamentally fit and the least politically experienced leader this nation has ever known. America was railroaded into accepting a Corporate CEO who knew nothing about how to lead our nation in a world that is filled with leaders who were depending our our choice of a qualified candidate because of their fear and our nuclear warheads at the ready. The world is still hoping for America to choose a leader who will make wise decisions and choices. At least I believe we can all believe that Joe Biden can serve that requirement.

I believe America has been given a strong example of what it means to live in a country overwhelmed by commercial interests. It is because of those commercial interests that we are presently yoked to a president who is profoundly dishonest and psychologically imbalanced. We must be certain to choose a Democratic candidate this fall who does not violate the trust of the people, who does not attempt to bamboozle us with lies and braggadocio, as our current president has been trying to do since the day he was elected.

This travesty of electoral mismanagement and corruption is NOT what was intended by our Forefathers, and we must work diligently to prevent it from ever happening again! Donald Trump is the quintessentially non-electable president. He must not be permitted to sit behind the Resolute Desk in the year 2021.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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