Unfortunately, the mess we're in here in America can't be resolved by simply staying home with the shades pulled and the doors locked. We have to ride out this pandemic, in just the same way Americans have been forced to ride out other pandemics, like the great Flu of 1895, etc. But while we are doing this, we have time to think about our predicament, and who is at fault, etc.

Frankly, we've got to deal with our government in the first week of November -- and characteristically, when Americans have been kicked to the curb by corporate management and those in politically advantageous positions, the options are to fire the leaders we hired and replace them, or burn down the town, or engage in race riots, if we want to kill somebody because of our frustration and despair. We're there again.

Personally, I'm voting for Joe Biden and every Democratic candidate on the ballot that I can (well, within reason...). I won't vote for some bozo I know nothing about -- that's how America got stuck with our narcissistic, and ineffective real estate mogul, who knows nothing about managing the business of a huge nation.

In any case, I am hopeful that lots more of us will vote to remove Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, in particular -- and replace as many Republican representatives as we possibly can. I'm sorry, but the Republican Party has not proven itself to be interested in the welfare of our peoples, in all our ethnic variety, nor is it interested in saving our land, our seas, or our wildlife. The Republican Party's priorities reside solely in the acquisition of power and wealth, and their own self-aggrandizement. Our president is not up to the task of dealing with the real issues we are facing as a nation, nor are those in his administration. Trump must depart the White House and another must take the reins. Someone who is NOT a member of the Republican Party.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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