Very well written and researched piece! Thank you, Scott Galloway! On the downside, the problem we have here is not our inability to cope with the reality that our Pandemic is imposing on us... it is that we have an incompetent, arrogant President who has repeatedly made the asinine assertion that the Covid-19 Virus will "Go Away" ... "Soon" ... It's just a "cold", in his little mental world - He lacks the basic mental capacity to see the truth of our situation, and he lacks the education, and the intelligence, to make creative decisions for handling it. Our President is disabled by his self-absorbed narcissism, and what amounts to a high school education. He just doesn't have the "ammo"--the "ideas" or the "insight" to find any solutions for this mess.

I think your piece has done a fine job of laying out before all of us the truth of the situation, and thus the solution to our crisis--which is to remove the source of our dilemma from his post and replace him with another leader who is both clear-minded and well educated, with life experience in leadership, and who has a fresh perspective that he can bring to the White House--so that he can make good suggestions, and good decisions.

As I have said before in these forums, it's time for a Changing of the Guard. Our president has failed to prove the efficacy of his strategy, and our people are dying by the 1,000s. "It (the Covid-19) will NOT go away" without our determined efforts and our recognition that we MUST wear face shields whenever we leave our houses. And we MUST find a vaccine as soon as possible--and not "next year"!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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