Wallace certainly had little or no intention of interfering with Donald Trump's despicable bullying and talking over the top of Joe Biden at every opportunity - constantly!!!

Okay, I'm done - we don't need two more debates like the one we suffered through last night. I believe we are also decided on who we are voting for in November.

Firstly, let me remind everyone that Donald Trump has declared his intention to write an Executive Order to put an END to the Social Security Benefits that the larger majority of us Elderly and Disabled citizens depend on to survive - MYSELF included!

He is also intent on putting an end to our Environmental Protection Laws - because, what the hell, who needs Trees to remove the carbon monoxide and dioxide from our air? Who needs trees to cool the atmosphere so that we don't have quite so many fires. After all, the tree clearing didn't have anything to do with those massive fires in California, Oregon and Washington, did they?


As an elder citizen surviving on nothing but my Social Security benefit (meager as it is), I certainly won't be voting for Donald Trump in November - and I'm calling all my children to beg them to do the same. My son owns a business in San Diego, and if I had not talking to him just today to tell him about this Social Security Boondoggle the President is trying to lay down on us, along with the elimination of our Environmental Protection Laws, he would have voted for Donald Trump. Now he says he's going to "Look into this business of Trump eliminating our Social Security" and get back to me. I hope he won 't vote for Trump!

NOBODY who cares about our Social Security pensions or our forests and our streams should vote for Trump!

And those fools in Trump's Administration can drop the other two useless "Town Hall Speeches" on TV too! It's not worth watching that horse's a*** Trump shouting over the top of Joe Biden, and I'm not interested in hearing Pence lying his face off about what he's intending to do to our public welfare and our environments, either!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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