We are all in danger of losing our homes and our jobs...even those of us who are elderly can't count on having the funds to meet our basic expenses. All of this could have been better delt with if our President had organized a taskforce to develop reasonable suggestions - and then implement them to make it possible for us to survive this crisis. Our president has failed in his singular responsibility to see to the needs of our people. When this meltdown is over, there will be many more of us Americans who have died from starvation and exposure to the cold or the heat -- many more children will die. Many more old folks will die.

We must deal with it however we may, but we should oust our incompetent (and uncaring) president from his cushy Oval Office first! If a man takes the highest and most responsible job in all of America and cannot deal with the problems that will come his way -- he does not belong in the White House.

He needs to admit his failure to meet the needs of the American people and resign from the office of the Presidency. And he should do it now!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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