Well, as Confucius might have said, “If you are not for the left and you’re not for the right, you’re nothing”. Right? While I think that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has articulated a truism about our suffering Democratic Party, she certainly has a way of “putting it”… the way of a high school senior making her first oral presentation in her Civics class. Sigh…

First and foremost, Ms. Cortez, I suggest you prepare your speeches in writing, using your favorite word processing software and a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, and (of course) word definitions — after referring to your Civics or Government textbook, so that you can articulate your opinions with real panache and flair. When flinging insults, it is advisable to have a firm grip on the main point you are trying to make, and a well reasoned explanation to support it.

Secondly, while you have made a cogent point here, it’s rather dulled by your smug assumption that it has merit and will sting “like a bee”. I realize you have no respect for the Democratic Party, but frankly, your assertion and the way you expressed it does not impress me that you have a clue what might help to improve the Democratic Party’s public stance, nor it’s impact on the American people.

The Democratic Party is the representative of the “downside” political standard of an oppressed American people — the folks who are not “making it big” in America’s obsessively commercialized, oppressive corporate monopoly politics which cares nothing for our people’s well-being, nor our values, nor our voice in our nation’s affairs. The focus is all on profit maximization and ostentatious display, while sequestering the nation’s wealth away in foreign banks, and national reserves that are not open to the public.

The rest of us have lost control of our nation’s natural resources, our “big business” enterprises, and our place in our society. We’ve abandoned our churches, so it’s not even a reasonable hope that we could regain our footing by going to church on Sunday anymore.

Unfortunately, sitting squarely in the center of all this social devastation is not the Democratic Party, Alexandra. It’s the Republican Party that is waging economic oppression and devastation on our nation’s people and our resources. It is the Republican Party that feels assured (however erroneously) that it has conquered America and has full and unrelenting control in the Driver’s Seat of Congress, overlooking the greater truth that the Winds of Fate blow hard and cold across the world, and that a rising storm is already on its way.

All things change, Alexandra, and the monuments to humanity’s pride, and our greed are a testament to our overweening stupidity. Our monuments are many and they are tall, but like the Pyramids and the Roman Empire, they eventually will fall and be abandoned. It will matter not whether they are Republican or Democratic, or whether they fall to the left side or the right in the deserts of our American folly.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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