Well, first, let me offer my congratulations to Kamala Harris on her appointment by as our future Vice President (in waiting). And secondly, my condolences to all those who were not chosen. And now the Real Fight begins..... We the People, and Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris... all of us who are members of the Democratic Party must find some way to beat Donald Trump at the November 3rd Election. The most recent week or so, Donald Trump has finally awakened from his lazy habits and decided to resurrect his campaign for re-election.

I don't know how nasty all of this will get, but I think it's gonna get pretty nasty. Because NOW, Donald Trump and the Republican Hate Machine know they're gonna have to fight to hold their seats and their control over our country. I don't think there's a bottom to the levels in which the Republican Party will sink in their attempt to destroy Joe Biden's campaign to win the White House. I'm sure they feel the same way about him, now that he's shown the courage (and the tamerity) to appoint a black woman leader as his running mate.

This is a historic moment for the nation -- I hope it does not become the death knell of the Democratic Party. I am a lifetime Democrat -- I don't want our Cause to fail. Our country desperately needs our patriotism and our courage in our attempt to turn the tide on the death of our Democratic Union. But we must deal with those among our own constituency who are less that egalitarian fellows--those who are "secret bigots, and secret misogynists".

The curse of the Corona Virus Pandemic is surmountable, but we must deal with it as Western Europe has been dealing with it. Clearly our Republican leadership has not--and they must be removed from office, along with our efforts to reform our nation's political processes and save ourselves from the doom that hovers over our heads.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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