Well, I must say, I am relieved that my failure to watch the debates in Nevada was not an egregious sin, anyway. But then again, my mind has been made up since before this painful process of finger-pointing and derisive laughter began.

Bernie Sanders is the man I hope to see accepting the appointment to the presidency in January 2021. I don’t give a flaming fig about all the labeling, or the slurs, about his honesty in calling himself a “Democratic Socialist”…

For those of us who are uninformed, or too prejudiced about what a “democratic socialist” is, I think a good textbook lesson in American grammar and lexicology is in order. Our democratic constitution is the document we use to determine what type of political machinery we are running. We are running a political machine that provides for the welfare of our people through government programs that require financial backing by our state governments, and our voters.

Many of our government’s programs are designed specifically to address the needs of us Americans… and more particularly, our poorest members of our society. Our Food Stamp program, our health care programs, our law enforcement agencies and how they are run, our communications systems — our TV programs, our computer systems — are all run by our government, and they are paid for by our taxes and our donations, and our political support of our elected representatives. THESE SERVICES — provided by our government — are the SOCIAL BACKBONE OF OUR WHOLE SOCIETY. As such, they are our “SOCIAL SYSTEM”. Because they are SOCIAL SERVICES, they are, in essence, socialist systems. THAT IS WHAT A SOCIALIST SYSTEM is all about!

All of us who sit in front of our TV and Computer Screens, fretting, crying, screaming about the horror of a presidential candidate who calls a Spade a Spade… to TELL THE TRUTH, and does not LIE, about what he supports, and who he cares about…NAMELY …. US ! .. is a being unparalleled in our modern American political circus show!


Can we believe this? Can we believe HIM?

Do you want a Leader in the White House who cares about his People? Who tells his people “how it is”… the “unvarnished truth”?

Or do you want a man in the White House who lies repeatedly, day after day, feels that he can do whatever he wants, because he thinks the Constitution says he can? Do you want a President who CLAIMS he is a Republican, although he’s never been much of anything except a C.E.O. in a Real Estate Empire started by his father, and who doesn’t really have any experience in politics — except for the politics of Lying — which is his only real claim to fame in the realm of American Politics.

Donald Trump certainly is no “socialist”…. he’s barely a Republican. What Donald Trump really is, is a dishonest, morally vacant, self-serving Tyrant! Now that is what we really fear! The prospect of a tyrant who does whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, and hides his misdeeds in locked vaults, refusing to show us his papers, and what he’s really doing with his wealth.


Not the honesty and the concern, the intelligence and the political experience, the caring and the talents that Senator Sanders demonstrates everyday.

I suggest we all dig out our high school Social Studies text books and read up on what it means to be a good American, and a worthy member of our American society. We’ll see that Bernie Sanders “democratic socialism” is strong on “Democracy” and stronger still in his concern for our Social Welfare! That is whatdemocratic socialismis all about!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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