Well, if we're going to need a full-blown Panic to poke us into action so that we get up and go vote, so be it. Frankly, what scares me about THIS election is that our fascist authoritarian president is hiring thugs to meet us at the polls, to intimidate us as we try to vote... who will stand in our way and threaten us, push us away from the voting place, gang up on us by standing in front of the polling place to prevent our access, pushing us around, yelling in our faces (while spitting on us as they yell)... yanking our hair as we struggle past them to vote... toss the water (or the Coke) they're drinking on us... Intimidation can be creative and deadly at the same time.

I'm afraid, but I'm hoping that my ballot, which was mailed to me and which I mailed back a couple weeks ago, will not be "lost in the mail"...that my vote counted. I suspected a long time ago (like, in 2016) that our current president would attempt to steal the election in 2020 if he wasn't successful in his efforts to intimidate us into voting for him twice. This is our Nightmare Election.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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