Well said, John Egelkrout.... like you, I am also a "recovering" Catholic -- although I see myself more as a "lapsed" Catholic ..... "lapsed", in that I was raised a Catholic -- attended a Catholic parochial school for one year (8th grade)(all my poor mother could afford) ... and learned all that I needed to know what the Catholic Church espouses, and where I diverge from the dictates of the Pope and the Church Fathers. I chose the "common-sense" approach to my religious foundation -- I do NOT subscribe to the commitment to have more babies, regardless of whether I can manage to support them, or the world can tolerate yet another unwanted child growing up to become a disillusioned, and angry Catholic. Of all the teachings of the Catholic Church -- I think their stance on birth control (and thus population control) is the most unrealistic. In any case, I found a good solution to that issue -- and I have 3 grown children (which is more than enough), so I'm okay with my "mystical orientation" to Christianity.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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