Well said, Wendy! I forget myself... my background includes a B.S. Business Administration (Human Resource specialization)... but my "minor" was in Psychology - Adult Training & Development. I'm aware of the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. Sociopaths can assume leadership positions in businessess, churches, social clubs, and any other org you care to join. Unfortunately, there are many of them...and they get by masquerading as "just regular folks" like all the rest of us (until they success in overthrowing the existing organizational/social order by making rules that damage our cultural organizations and destroy our social relationships. Sociopaths are "social"... but they are also "pathological" -- thus the term. They are proliferating in our contemporary social cultures--they can destroy our social orders in time. As a people we need to exercise prudence by developing methods to remove these destructive social "neaderthals" from our churches, our businesses, and our social networking centers -- before they wreck our civilization. Humans have a tendency to organize and improve our social networks and systems until, at some point, the corruption creeps in and destroys all that we have made. Civilizations rise and fall because of this.

I am fearful of the collapse of our modern American social systems. Because we have chosen a self-absorbed sociopath who is absorbed in his self-love (narcissism) (Donald Trump) - we are approaching the abyss here! Our beloved American social orders are in real danger. This man must be prevented from ever holding public office again -- and we must guard against allowing another narcissist like him to gain access to the presidency, or the state governor seats, or Congress. Our democratic union is in real peril.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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