Well stated, Ms. White! It's important that we all realize that this president is capable of doing things the rest of us would not consider -- because he is an authoritarian, and he is a narcissist. Narcissists are sometimes sociopaths, and if he is sociopathic, then he will do whatever appeals to himself only, and he won't stop at the possibility of inciting a major uprising from his followers. That could lead to internal strife that looks, sounds, and acts like an attempt to overthrow the next Administration and Joe Biden!

Donald Trump will most likely have to be removed from the White House by Force -- a military contingent -- in January.

As there is now some published evidence of his illegal acts in the past (fraudulent tax returns among other things), it's important to bring forth this evidence, review it, and proceed with all due haste to have Donald Trump removed from office as soon as Joe Biden is installed on January 20th. Donald Trump should either be subpoenaed and tried for the crimes he has committed, or for his intended sedition of the government and the military, with his intent to declare himself "perpetual leader" (as Josef Mussolini did).

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