We're living in the Year 2020, Anno Domini - I have difficulty comprehending the relevancy of the teaching of a Nazarene from the period of Roman dominion in Palestine and Israel - considering that Jesus didn't know about: televisions, TVs, movie stars, jet planes, trips to the Moon, COVID-19 pandemics, Mickey Mouse, or anything else we take for granted today. Jesus was a celibate Hebrew -- young and oppressed by the Romans, who (I think, anyway) was trying to keep his friends and followers alive and out of the "line of fire" of Roman swords. He loved his friends and followers so much that he was willing to sacrifice his life for them. Whether or not he was the Divine Manifestation of Yahweh--it's arguable that he was, and in the same sense, the human race is the only sentient species on the planet (well, ostensibly, considering the intelligence of several other species I could name). But this is the only planet WE know about that has a population of sentient, highly advanced homo erectus monkeys evolved to fly jets and build rockets to the moon, and destroy our only living planet right underneath us.

So what are MY priorities.... about the same as yours, I'd guess--to stay alive until I'm 90, or 100--if I can pull it off--and to see my children and grandchildren before that happens. Oh, and to make reasonable efforts to convince us all to work on keeping our planet alive, so our grandchildren can have a home, and our species (and all the other species) can survive our pride and our insanity.

Will Yeshua (Jesus) come again? More importantly, if he does, would you recognize him? Would you let him continue to live? Would you listen to what he has to say, without laughing at him, or throwing rotten tomatoes at him?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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