What an amazing gambit we have here. Basically, some of us just don’t want to see Donald Trump lose his bid for a second term, right? It doesn’t matter one little bit that he is not competent to handle the responsibilities of his role as our Chief Executive. (So you might disagree…but there are plenty of us who do agree with that assessment.) The only thing that’s important to you and Tara Reade right now is this little scandal flap — a cute little gambit to throw off Joe Biden’s potential bid to upset Trump’s re-election. What happened 27 years ago is a convenient little scandal for somebody in the Trump campaign, who decided to drag this little monster out of the closet after 27 years, by bringing up Biden’s past. Right?

This is how we do politics in 2020 now? We crucify a candidate and ignore his finer qualities — and churn up a Soapbox Opera complete with indignant wives and guilty husbands and mystery girl friends. And when it’s all over, we go to the polls and vote for the same old Authoritarian Narcissist Wannabe Dictator that we had for the last 4 years — and who loses in this whole thing? We the People..

We Lose, cuz we couldn’t keep our eyes on the ball, and we can’t ignore the scandal-mongering and the pleas of righteous women who think they can make a deal and get something from embarrassing a presidential candidate.

Give me a break! This isn’t what I call a great Election Campaign — for either candidate. This is a “Days of Our Lives” soapbox opera playing out in a presidential campaign run-up. I’m not going to lay blame on anybody, because frankly, whatever happened 27 years ago happened between two people who may or may not have been consenting adults, but whatever the circumstances, that was then, and this is now! But now we’ve created this ugly little flap…this stink to distract us from the campaign to replace Trump in November. Frankly, it’s all horse manure!

All that is required is that we decide who we want as our President for the next term, and vote for him. And we don’t need distractions from scandal mongers who want to confuse the issue with stupid little slurs and whispers about something that happened 27 years ago. Considering the fact that Donald Trump is NO paragon of virtue — and I won’t get into what he did 27 years ago and waste your time, this hullabaloo is a fake scandal. It’s not worth all the fuss that’s being made about it.

If you’re not inclined to vote for Trump in November, so be it! If you don’t care about whether he’s a tyrant or not, and you want to vote for him in November, so be it. Just do what you are empowered to do — and vote for your choice of candidate, and drop the overheated shaming contest. We’ve got a lot more important things to think about. We don’t have time for a stupid soap box opera on Election Day. Sheesh!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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