What happened with Elizabeth Warren? I’m surprised to hear you say that, Umair!

It should be obvious, should it not? Mrs. Warren’s candidacy was doomed before she began the run. For the obvious reason — she’s a woman. We are all still living in America…and America is a Man’s Country. I knew Elizabeth was not going to make it to the end-run in her candidacy on the day she declared her intentions. I strongly suspect she knew it too. But she wanted to prove us all wrong, and do the impossible — in a nation that is filled with conservative people who are still dedicated to their childhood experiences where Daddy brought home the bacon and Mommy cooked it for dinner. The kids all grew up seeing the obvious power dynamics… Daddy is the Captain on this boat, and Mommy is the First Mate.

And then we entered the era of the 60s and 70s when Divorce was the great New Thing, where Mommies where throwing their aprons in the trash bin and leaving home for day jobs, so they could earn a living just like Daddy, and then they wouldn’t have to do all the cooking and mopping up, and playing the “Yes Man” to their partners at home.. And because we gals were ditching our maternal responsibilities to our families and our children, we lost our husbands. They walked out on the whole family gig in disgust. A good many of them walked out on the courtroom drama too — where the judge declared how much child support Daddy was supposed to pay to maintain the family that he didn’t have anymore…and the woman who reneged on her promise to love, honor and obey.

In case you haven’t yet got the message that all this sends… there’s still one hell of a big piece of baggage we’re all carrying around since we started playing the “Divorce Game” in our marriages. Lots of us are still carrying a grudge, especially our men folks.

And some of us took the backdoor out of our American Dream Life by trying a new little experiment… To hell with Marriage.. To hell with Tradition.. To hell with falling in love with some stupid woman. Let’s just go hang out with the boys down at the pub. And ultimately, that has led to the alternative lifestyles we’re dealing with now.. the ones where the alphabet is scrambled, and Mommy’s crying at home alone… unless she’s got a new girl friend. LGBTQ — like the board games where we all lose a turn and have to go back to Home Base and start over.

The jury’s still out on whether there’s a reasonable solution to this mess. I’m not in favor of it. But then, nobody asked me for my opinion, I know. But that’s why Elizabeth Warren had no real chance of becoming President in these United States in the 20th Century.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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